Sunday, May 07, 2006

Sooooo..... this is it

Kind of an 11th hour post here but what the hell..............

So Im off to Ghana in just 4 short hours, kinda nervous but mostly excited. I'll be in the North Eastern region of Mamprusi in the village of Gambaga. I'll be working with the Ghanaian Ministry of Food and Agriculture (MoFA ) in their district office. So thats the placement in a nutshell, as far as training is concerned.................. INTENSE is the only word to describe it. We (the MoFA'rians) started off the week with a lot of "self - realization" activities and workshops, then we did a ton of logistics to learn more about what it is we will be doing and how we will be helping out the Agricultural Extension Agents in our offices. Long days (12 hrs +) plus homework really stretched me mentally but at the end of the day it was a really really satisfying exhaustion. We all lived in the Akwaaba House (a small house where we packed about 26 people into about 3 bedrooms and air matresses everywhere), which made for a really close knit community. It was pretty amazing to be surrounded by a group of such dynamic people for an entire week. The people from the National office were incredible, I feel so ready to go over now ( i might have been a tad nervous before :) ). We will all be travelling to Amsterdam (too bad we get there at 6 in the morning), and then after a 6 hour layover we all hop onto a plane and head for Ghana. Once there, most of us will get on a bus and head for the central city Tamale where we will all disperse to our respective homes. I will be living alone (no other volunteers.... just me) with a farmer , his wife , and their children. I will most likely have to bike to work every morning (~15km's). I should probably get going though if I want to make the plane on time. Sorry if I didnt get a chance to e mail you before I left or if I didnt get a chance to see you before I shipped out (you know who you are ;) ). I wish you all the best and you'll hear from me soon


P.S. Thanks to everyone who helped me on my way!!!!


Blogger EWB Dal Exec said...

Hey Dave!

It's great to hear your excitement and to learn more about your placement.

Good luck! We're thinking about you here in Halifax!


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