Dave's EWB Placement

Friday, July 21, 2006

Pictures this time

Well, I managed to sneak a ride to tamale for the day because they were having some maintainance done on the truck. I borrowed the laptop from work and hopefully I can get some pictures up on here. I finished my last workshop on wednesday this week, so now all I have left is one District Food Security Network meeting and some monitoring and evaluating left. I have full weeks left in my town and then I will make my way south to Accra to catch my flight. I am actually kind of sad to think about leaving, its different than leaving home because a lot of the people I have met I will never get a chance to see them again. I have met some pretty cool people here. On a completely unrelated note I got a drum last weekend (dont know if I mentioned that last time or not) so I will start up my lessons sometime next week. Other than that not a whole lot is new. I am getting so used to my routine here that I dont have a whole lot to write about (I also dont know where to start as far as the whole experience is concerned). It has been amazing thus far though.
Ok as for the pictures....... First one is Mole National park me with some elephants
second is me at work doing some surveying in the field. I would have added more but they took about 10 minutes each to post and I'm really not ready for that kind of commitment right now.

I think my time is running low here and I have to get the computer back to do some small small (<-- Ghanaian slang) work this afternoon. I have a cell phone here now so you EWBers can call me now and anyone at home is more than welcome to call. Its a loaner from a friend and has a broken screen so if you call and I dont answer call back cause I cant tell who it is. I think the country conde is 233 but check that out before you dial after that my number is 209327247. As always I love hearing from you guys so e mail me at dv886971@dal.ca and I will e mail you back as soon as I get it or you can make a comment on my blog regarding all the spelling mistakes and comma splices spread out all over this thing. In the meantime 'errbody should keep it real and Ill see you all in a month.


Tuesday, July 18, 2006

So ...... here I am again

Tumayola (how is work? for those of you with your noses to the grindstone),

So since I last wrote on this thing I have done quite a bit. I am sitting here waiting for a tro tro in Tamale (bigger city), so I can go home to my village. I had a few hours to kill and really wanted to let you in on what I have been up to in the past couple weeks. Most of it is pretty well work related as this is the busiest time of the whole summer for me. I should start off with the work stuff..... so, I have now completed my first two workshops the first on adult learning, learning styles etc. and the second one about results based management. They both went pretty well and hopefully the third tomorrow will go well. I have been seeing some pretty amazing things as of late. We spent this past saturday at this place called fuller falls. we went for a swim (im not too sure if this was a great idea but whatever, I am not sick yet and it has been two full days). The falls were really tame and wide so you could climb up them. Everything else was really lush with ferns everywhere and moss growing on everything. At the bottom there were rock benches everywhere along the banks of the river/stream ...... pretty amazing Ill have to show you all the pictures maybe sometime in early August. It is really really hard to find a good internet cafe in this place, especially when you are only around them for a day or two at a time. Hope everyones summers are going well with work and whatever else it is that you might do to fill your time. Everything is going really well with my host family. I got a soccer ball for the kids this weekend. I have really realized how quickly these last few weeks here are going to go with how busy I am and everything. I am going to miss this place quite a bit when I come home. I dont have much more to say other than that but there should be a ton more in August when I come back. So I suppose I should head out now so I can catch the tro tro. Hope all is well in Canada


P.S. Dan Barker can you e mail me the address stuff for the house. thanks.