Tuesday, July 18, 2006

So ...... here I am again

Tumayola (how is work? for those of you with your noses to the grindstone),

So since I last wrote on this thing I have done quite a bit. I am sitting here waiting for a tro tro in Tamale (bigger city), so I can go home to my village. I had a few hours to kill and really wanted to let you in on what I have been up to in the past couple weeks. Most of it is pretty well work related as this is the busiest time of the whole summer for me. I should start off with the work stuff..... so, I have now completed my first two workshops the first on adult learning, learning styles etc. and the second one about results based management. They both went pretty well and hopefully the third tomorrow will go well. I have been seeing some pretty amazing things as of late. We spent this past saturday at this place called fuller falls. we went for a swim (im not too sure if this was a great idea but whatever, I am not sick yet and it has been two full days). The falls were really tame and wide so you could climb up them. Everything else was really lush with ferns everywhere and moss growing on everything. At the bottom there were rock benches everywhere along the banks of the river/stream ...... pretty amazing Ill have to show you all the pictures maybe sometime in early August. It is really really hard to find a good internet cafe in this place, especially when you are only around them for a day or two at a time. Hope everyones summers are going well with work and whatever else it is that you might do to fill your time. Everything is going really well with my host family. I got a soccer ball for the kids this weekend. I have really realized how quickly these last few weeks here are going to go with how busy I am and everything. I am going to miss this place quite a bit when I come home. I dont have much more to say other than that but there should be a ton more in August when I come back. So I suppose I should head out now so I can catch the tro tro. Hope all is well in Canada


P.S. Dan Barker can you e mail me the address stuff for the house. thanks.


Blogger sarah said...

i'm still so jealous everytime i read about all of your adventures and realize that i just have to go to my regular old job in the morning! ha. but really, thats awesome that your having such a good time and i know what you mean about it going so fast that you don't even realize the weeks are flying by - espeically when your busy. sounds like you've had a chance to see and participate in some really cool meetings and such. i think that would be so interesting to see how all those organizations really work (and don't work!) well, have a great last few weeks and don't forget the pictures!

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